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Barley Flaked (Blue Lake) / KG

Flaked Barley is made from barley grains that have been steamed and rolled to gelatinize the starches, making them easier to covert to sugars in the mashing process.  It does not possess the enzymes required for conversion so should be mashed with malted grains.

Flaked barley adds proteins contributing to mouth feel and a rich smooth flavour. The increased body of the beer aids in  head retention.  

If overused has the potential to increase haze.

It is recommended for use in English Ales, darker beers and stouts.   

It is mashed with the base malt.  

Approximately up to 500gm to a 25 litre brew or up to 20% of your grain bill.


  • $5.00
Barley Flaked (Blue Lake) / KG