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Barnabys Boots

Drink from the boots of Barnaby Joyce, the Nationals Senator for Queensland, and reflect on his refreshing influence on political debate in Australia. Barnaby entered the Australian Senate in 2005 aged 38 with the conscience of the bush at heart. Whether Barnaby has been putting his foot down, putting his best foot forward or crossing the floor, he’s done it in style in a pair of RM William’s boots!

The original boots were purchased whilst boarding at Riverview in Sydney and have been a constant in his life mixed with : work boots – at his family’s sheep and cattle property at Danglemah, NSW; rugby boots - at U.N.E. Armidale in between gaining his Commerce degree; accountants and bankers shoes – in St George Qld; and the boots of a family man - with wife Natalie and four daughters.

  • $129.00
Barnabys Boots